The project

The project "Spiral - Structure for Inclusive Arts Learning" funded by the Erasmus program, in key action KA220, aims to systematize and produce curricula in the area of inclusive arts (theater, dance, music, multimedia and literature ) and promote the creation of inclusive artistic training structures , with well-defined and structured content and learning objectives, creating accessibility guidelines and standards. for these structures.

We intend to build an innovative tool - Inclusive Art Programs, to be applied in non-formal artistic learning spaces and create learning spaces with the creation of accessibility standards for these structures.

The project is intended to have a relevant impact on artists with disabilities and the artistic community in general, with the creation of inclusive methodologies and it is intended to have an impact on organizations with the diversification of their offer and increase of their intervention with these audiences, at the same time as fighting for the recognition of people with disabilities as artistic creators, the development of audiences, with the mission of exercising citizenship on the part of these people.

The project, in addition to formal partners, counts on partnerships in each country with associated partners - civil society, artistic, cultural organizations, organizations supporting people with disabilities and schools.

Furthermore, we envision our communication efforts as a catalyst for building enduring partnerships and nurturing a vibrant community of advocates. By championing storytelling that celebrates diversity, empowers voices, and fosters empathy, we seek to foster a culture of collaboration and understanding. Our pursuit of excellence in communication serves as a cornerstone in realizing our overarching mission of inclusivity and empowerment.

What do we want to achieve with the project?

We endeavor to craft an innovative tool known as the Inclusive Art Programmes, meticulously fashioned for implementation within informal artistic educational spaces. Concurrently, we are dedicated to forging nurturing environments for learning, while also defining and upholding accessibility benchmarks for these establishments.

Our aspirations extend to fostering inclusive artistic collectives specializing in theatre and movement across diverse nations. This encompasses:

Who are we talking to?

People with disabilities

Local community


Civil society organizations

What do we want them to do?

Take part and contribute to our debates

Broaden our audience

Generate consensus on the most useful experiences and tools

What we want to achieve in the communication level?

We aim to generate conversations around the Spiral Project while promoting participation in public events and symposia. Our goal is to establish the Spiral Project as a significant contributor to future-thinking debates and practical applications of artistic education within non-formal educational contexts, particularly for communities of individuals with disabilities. Concurrently, we are laying the foundation for the publication of a book containing the project's contents and conclusions, serving as a valuable resource for practitioners and scholars alike.

What's Happening, When & Where, What's of Interest, How to Join

We, as five partners representing diverse countries and languages, are deeply dedicated to enhancing access to art for individuals with disabilities. It is crucial for us to effectively convey the essence of our project, delineate the roles of each component, outline our timeline, and showcase our anticipated outcomes to the media, stakeholders, and the public.

As communicators, our mission is to serve as guides, facilitating understanding of the project's developments and opportunities for engagement. We are committed to ensuring clarity and accessibility, empowering audiences to navigate and actively participate in our shared journey

If you are interested in finding out more and participating, please contact the partner entity in your country: